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4 Fun Uses for Washable Window Crayons

Crayola Washable Window Crayons are a fun and easy to use product that is sure to impress your kids, colleagues, friends, and family. These crayons are fun for all ages and can be used several different ways. Utilize this list to learn how you can have fun with Crayola Washable Window Crayons.


  1. Holiday Decor

Need a simple and easy way to decorate your space for holidays and special occasions? Crayola washable window crayons are the perfect product to fit your needs. Use these washable window crayons to create fun and festive window designs without worry of clean-up! Deck out your windows with snowmen, elves, jack-o-lanterns, easter eggs, and so many more festive elements and watch as the designs melt off the window with a single wipe.

  1. Classroom Fun

For most teachers, having a fun and vibrant classroom environment is so beneficial and important. You can easily accomplish that environment with Crayola washable window crayons. You (or your students) can create fun window art that can be cleaned up in a matter of minutes. These crayons are convenient to use because you can constantly (and easily) switch up designs without any fuss. There is no need to worry about making mistakes but the crayon art can easily be fixed with a wet cloth.

  1. Road Trip Activity

If you are looking for an easy way to keep children entertained during a long road trip, try out Crayola washable window crayons. These crayons allow for kids to draw fun designs and pictures on car windows without any mess. They are also so easy to use and include caps to ensure crayons don't dry out or leak. 

  1. Small Business

These crayons are the perfect product if you have a small business and need a way to create a fun and eye-catching window display. They are affordable and come in a variety of colors to suit your design needs. They are resistant to smudging, dry almost instantly, and can be easily removed with a damp cloth. Try Crayola washable window crayons for your next design project.


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