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Air Purifier, Large, LuxUVC

SKU: 6000144861
Mfg: AFFEX Care

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$899.75 (20.00 %)
Pack 1 EA/EA
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The LuxDisinfect Air Purifier Ultra is the perfect solution for creating a healthy and safe environment. Capable of filtering out PM2.5 particles and with a 99.99% disinfection efficiency, the LuxDisinfect Air Purifier is your first line of defense against Covid-19.

The purifier has multiple layers of defense, including a pre-filter, a medical grade HEPA 13 filter, Carbon filter, and UV light, so you can rest assured that your air will be clean and pure.

Lux Air brings you a unique multi-layer air protection in durable, high-quality air purifiers.

HEPA13 Air Filters capture 99.95% of particles 0.1 microns or larger, smaller than the 0.12 micron Covid-19 virus. 

A 254 nm UVC lamp disinfects the air as it passes through the system, as well as the filter itself.

  • Dual fans with HEPA13 filter with carbon integration and pre-filter to capture airborne pathogens, mold, pollution, and other particles.
  • Two 254 nm 8w UVC bulbs for 99.99% disinfection efficiency.
  • PM2.5 air monitoring system and filter replacement reminder.
  • Remote control included. (batteries sold separately – requires 2 AAA batteries)

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