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Best BIC Pens for Office Activities

Best BIC Pens for Office Activities


Pens are the most important element of any office setting. Without them, note-taking and writing would be nearly impossible. Due to the high usage of pens, it is important you find quality, suitable pens for office needs. This list breaks down the best BIC® Pen products that are perfect for daily office use. Find and purchase the products that are best for you!


BIC® Soft Feel Retractable Ballpoint Pen


This is the ideal pen for comfort and ease of use. Its soft-touch rubberized support allows users to experience a tight and comfortable grip while writing. This pen has a 1.0mm point that can be retracted with one click to avoid any ink messes. The Soft Feel Retractable Ballpoint Pen is available for purchase in three colors: red, black, and blue. Find the perfect color to fit your needs.


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BIC® Round Stic Grip Xtra Comfort Ballpoint Pen


If you are looking for a simple pen to suit your writing needs, this is the product for you. The Round Stic Grip Xtra Comfort Ballpoint Pen is designed for comfort and convenience. Its ink produces a smooth and consistent flow while writing, making it the perfect pen for note-taking and other daily duties. Compared to the traditional Bic Ballpoint Pen, this pen offers 50 percent smoother and bolder writing. It is available in black, green, blue, and red.


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BIC® Gel-ocity Retractable Gel Pen


The Gel-ocity Retractable Pen suits all fine writing needs. Due to its 0.7mm tip, this pen can create fine lines easier than other ballpoint pens. It is equipped with gel ink that flows out on the tip at a smooth and fluid pace. One of the most convenient and sustainable facets of this pen is its ability to be refilled. Gel-ocity gel ink pen refills can be purchased separately, ensuring that you never run out of ink. This product is also retractable and available in an array of colors to fit your needs. 


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BIC® Wite-Out Shake 'n Squeeze Correction Pen


With the Wite-Out Shake ‘n Squeeze Correction Pen around, mistakes are no issue. The design of this pen allows for easy clean up of mistakes or messes. Its white, opaque ink can effortlessly cover up Bic pen ink. The ink is fast drying to allow peace of mind in the office. Worry no more with Wite-Out Shake ‘n Squeeze Correction Pen.


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Purchase the perfect BIC® pen product for your office today!  

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