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Best Document Mailers for Small Businesses

When shipping important photos and documents, you want peace of mind that your files will arrive at the intended destination safely. When you are using a quality document mailer, there is never a need to worry. There are many quality document mailers available today. Utilize this guide to find the mailer that matches your needs.


  1. Redi Strip Document Mailer


This redi strip document mailer is the ideal shipping product for heftier and sensitive documents. It is built from extra-rigid fiberboard and protects photos and documents from bending. The redi strip is a self-adhesive closing that can safely secure your documents in seconds with a simple peel and press. It also comes equipped with an easy tear perforated strip that allows for easy opening without risk of damaging the mailer of documents enclosed. 


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  1. Catalog Envelope


For daintier document mailing needs, try out this universal catalog envelope. It has a softer and less rigid build while still offering protection against outer elements. It is designed from quality paper stock that resists tearing and ripping. This catalog envelope can be easily sealed with the gummed flap seal and is ready to ship in seconds.


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  1. Kraft Clasp Envelope


This kraft clasp envelope is a durable and heavyweight option for document mailing needs. It has a two-prong clasp that inserts into the eyelet to ensure your documents are securely enclosed in the envelope. Additionally, the design and build is resistant to rips, tears, and regular wear, making this envelope a safe and excellent choice for mailing important documents.


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