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Caffeine Fix: Office Coffee Bar Essentials

Is there anything that employees need more than coffee? An office coffee bar is essential for keeping employees focused and motivated, and it's also a great way to show your employees that you care. How can you setup an office coffee bar that will be the envy of your competition

Offer a Variety of Options

Apart from bulk coffee, keep your coffee bar well-stocked with tea, cocoa, cider, and other hot drinks. Don't forget that some people love the taste of coffee and tea, but are required to drink decaffeinated versions. You don't want to leave anyone out!

You can get people excited by periodically adding seasonal blends, such as pumpkin spice coffee during fall, or peppermint hot cocoa during the winter months. The more options you have, the more likely everyone is to be able to get their favorite.

Keep tabs on which options tend to go faster, so you know how quickly to reorder them. You can also see which flavors or options aren't really liked by your team, and choose some alternatives.

Today, people are increasingly drinking tea over coffee, but both coffee and tea are popular. Purchasing both options in bulk will give you the ability to offer different types of both without overextending your budget.

Keep the Coffee Bar Well-Organized

Organizers can help you keep your coffee, tea, and condiments easy-to-use and easy-to-reach. If you want your employees to use your coffee bar, it has to be easy and attractive to use. That's especially true if it's out in the open; you don't want a messy coffee bar in the center of your office!

Make sure it's someone's responsibility to keep the coffee bar clean and reorganized, because things will end up being put in the wrong place. A labeling system can help. 

Plan for the Right Condiments

A coffee bar is going to need creamer, sugar, flavoring, and more. There are multiple types of creamer (such as dairy and non-dairy) and many types of sugar (natural sugar, raw cane sugar, synthetic sugar). And, of course, there are as many additional flavorings as you'd like. A well-stocked coffee bar is going to have quite a few types of creamer and sugar, as well as an assortment of flavors. 

Poll your office if you aren't sure what to get! Your office might prefer more flavorings, or they might prefer different types of tea instead. When it comes to tea, there are an infinite number of varieties, too. 

Purchase Multiple Brewers

For a full office, you likely want multiple flavors. At the very least, you should always have a pot of caffeinated coffee and decaffeinated coffee available. To ensure this, make sure you have multiple brewers.

With multiple brewers, you'll give your employees more options and make it less likely that you'll run out of coffee at an inconvenient time. Consider also purchasing a hot water dispenser so employees can easily make other hot drinks like tea.  

Have a Reordering Schedule in Place

You don't want to run out of coffee, filters, or condiments! Keep a reordering schedule in place for your bulk coffee and your other required supplies, and make sure to check on it when it's getting low. A coffee bar will be filled with dozens of small things, such as coffee stirrers, so it's best to keep a complete inventory and checklist so you can order as you go.

Don't Forget the Cups

Do you want your office to have mugs? Or do you want to use disposable coffee cups? Mugs are naturally more pleasant to drink out of, but they create a lot of additional cleaning and mess. Disposable coffee cups are convenient but a little less sustainable. Either way, you need to order the supplies if your coffee bar is going to be used.

Find the Right Location

Before you can setup the right office coffee bar, you need to settle on the location. It needs to be located in a convenient location for everyone, but it can't be so central that it becomes a distraction. People will naturally stop and chat around the coffee bar, so you don't want it to be too out-of-the-way either; people will start flocking there and staying there. Figure out a place that strikes a good balance.

Keep Sustainability in Mind

There are some types of coffee bars that can create a lot of waste, such as coffee makers that use pods. Keep the environment and sustainability in mind when creating your coffee bar. You can get biodegradable coffee stirrers and recycled paper cups as a way to reduce your overall environmental impact and show a commitment to the environment.

Does your office coffee bar need some work? It may be time to stock up and build the coffee bar of your employees' dreams.


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