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Industrial Safety Solutions for Manufacturers

If you want to protect your employees, you need to follow the tried-and-true processes outlined by OSHA. OSHA regulations are the best-known ways of reducing employee injury and encouraging general employee safety with the proper protective safety equipment—and they're also non-optional. These are some of the most important industrial safety solutions for manufacturers, as well as the perfect starting point if you want to improve safety at your facility. 

Ropes, Harnesses, and Climbing Tools

Whenever someone is in an elevated location, they should always be secured. Ropes, harnesses, and climbing tools make it possible to rescue someone if they fall. Falling injuries are some of the most substantial injuries that occur at project sites. They aren't just dangerous because they're frequent; they're dangerous because they're often severe. Falling injuries make up a very large portion of fatalities every year.

The average person can suffer serious injury from even a fairly short fall. At any elevation, workers should be using harnesses and climbing tools while working with a buddy. This buddy needs to be trained in rescue-related behaviors, as rescuing someone in a rope or harness requires the right procedures to prevent further injury. 


Apart from falling, another frequent safety hazard relates to things falling on another person. From debris to dropped equipment, it's very possible for someone to get hit on the head at industrial work sites. This is why many worksites have hardhat-only areas. It's not possible for employees to constantly be vigilant, and accidents happen. 

Headgear accessories, when worn properly, can significantly reduce the chances of a head injury. Safety goggles can further be used in dangerous locations and when using dangerous equipment, to protect vision. A small blow to the head can be dangerous, especially if it isn't dealt with immediately after the injury. Concussions can cause damage that lasts a lifetime.

Foot Protection

A simple, steel-toed boot can make the difference between having a bruised toe and losing a toe. Foot protection is important in dangerous areas of a work site, in addition to using certain types of equipment. Any time people are moving heavy objects or something heavy could be dropped on someone's foot, they should have access to the necessary foot protection.

First Aid Kits

It's important that people be able to respond quickly to emergencies. First aid health supplies make it easy for employees to treat relatively minor wounds, or to take some action against moderate wounds before they're able to get to a hospital or a professional. First aid kits should be in a clear, visible place and should be frequently restocked.

In fact, first aid kits should be included in regular safety inspections. Inspectors should make sure that nothing in the first aid kit is expired, and that the first aid kit has everything it needs in it.

OSHA regulations may seem strict, but they're incredibly important. To maintain a safe industrial location, you need to make sure that you have the right protective safety equipment. An unsafe manufacturing location will lead to employee injuries, lost time, and negative company culture. For more information, check out the goods at ELEVATE Marketplace.







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