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Janitorial Supplies: Essential Commercial Cleaning Equipment for Your Business

Custodians perform routine maintenance and cleaning services that keep establishments up and running. The janitorial industry generates nearly $61.4 billion in revenue with the vast majority of custodians working in commercial establishments such as office buildings, medical clinics, hotels, retail stores, and apartment buildings. 


Without proper sanitation and cleaning supplies, it’s easy to imagine how businesses would quickly become littered with trash, dirt, and bacteria. Trash bins would be overrun with week-old lunches. Dust bunnies would multiply in the halls. Toilets would become ringed with unidentifiable filth. It wouldn’t take long for customers, employees and other key players to take notice. 


People associate cleanliness with professionalism. If a business can’t keep its own buildings clean, how could a client trust them to get the job done right? Why would an employee want to work for a business that doesn’t appear to care about its corporate image?


Commercial Cleaning Industry and COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic highlighted the crucial role that janitors play in creating not only clean, but also healthy work environments. As Corporate America took on the unprecedented challenges that March 2020 introduced, custodians across the country rallied to slow the spread of COVID-19, one routine cleaning at a time. Many worked overtime, prepping classrooms for students to arrive safely the next morning or sanitizing workstations so that other essential workers could help keep the economy afloat while the world scrambled.


Even before the pandemic, the commercial cleaning industry boasted a higher prediction for industry growth, but the spike in demand that resulted from the pandemic looks to have created an even brighter future for janitorial professionals.  for these services is exp. According to ZipRecruiter, job posting  for cleaners increased 75 percent in March 2020.


Sanitation and cleaning standards have clearly shifted over the course of the past year. In order to keep up with growing industry and customer expectations, it is important that your business has the right janitorial and commercial cleaning supplies to keep your commercial buildings up to par.  






What supplies does a janitor need?

Well-equipped janitors are set up for success, so whether you’re a professional cleaning business or a corporation with an internal custodial staff, it is important that you supply them with the tools they need.


The most essential janitorial supplies for commercial cleaning and maintenance include:


  • Trash bags and trash can liners

  • Floor and carpet cleaning supplies

  • Restroom cleaners and accessories

  • Cleaning tools and janitor carts

  • Commercial waste receptacles

  • Cleaning and sanitation products

  • Paper towels, tissues, and toilet paper


Where can I buy janitor supplies online?

ELEVATE Marketplace offers the most popular brands of janitorial supplies and other commercial cleaning solutions at the most competitive pricing. From paper products and toilet tissues to cleaning detergents and janitor carts, we promise our customers a simple shopping experience that makes stocking your business with the custodial necessities you need to keep your employees and customers happy, safe, and coming back!

Check out our latest selection of janitorial essentials:

Trash bags and trash can liners

Whether you’re looking for drawstring solutions for easy cleanup or industrial, heavy-duty bags, ELEVATE Marketplace offers trash bags and trash can liners in bulk, so you’re always stocked for the work week ahead.

Floor and carpet care cleaning supplies

Even in the most professional settings, spills and messes are bound to happen. ELEVATE Marketplace offers a wide variety of floor and carpet cleaning supplies. From angled brooms and sponge mops to carpet sweepers, we’ve have you covered.


Restroom cleaners and accessories

One of the most obvious places to attack when keeping cleanliness in mind for your business is the restroom. Our selection of restroom cleaners and accessories includes toilet and urinal deodorizers, toilet paper dispensers, and toilet seat cover dispensers.


Cleaning tools and janitor carts

Having the appropriate tools and compartments in which to carry them is essential for staying organized. We offer mop buckets and wringers, caddy bags, cleaning brushes, cleaning pads, dust mops, dusters, dust pans, waxing floor machines, empty spray bottles, extension poles and floor pads.



Custodians play an essential role in ensuring that your facilities create a clean and health environment for every person who steps foot inside your business. But without the proper tools, you are setting them and your business up for failure. ELEVATE Marketplace offers wholesale, bulk buying options for janitorial equipment and janitorial supplies so that your and your custodial staff are ready to take on any mess that comes your way.

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