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The Best Trash Cans for Office Settings

Waste and garbage is an unavoidable element of any workplace. Having a discreet waste receptacle is vital in maintaining a clean and appealing work environment. Utilize this guide to discover which waste container is best suited to meet your needs.


Slim Jim Wall-Mounted Container


This is the ideal product for narrow spaces. This Slim Jim Wall-Mounted trash can fits tightly in small spaces or, if low on floor space, can be mounted on the wall. Its design includes a textured outer finish that is resistant to denting, scratching, and other exterior damage. This product holds up to 15 gallons of trash and waste and can be purchased in a beige color that is neutral enough to blend into any office space.


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Slim Jim Waste Container

This Slim Jim Waste Container is perfect for larger waste disposal needs. In contrast to the Slim Jim Wall-Mounted Container, this trash can holds up to 23 gallons of trash. This product is designed with liner removal in mind. It includes venting that makes removing trash liners up to 80% easier. The convenience this offers can help improve productivity and cut down wasted time in the office. It comes equipped with handles that add to the durable build of this product and elevates ease of use.


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Slim Jim Step-On Container

This waste container is made with the highest-grade commercial materials that allow for a superior and durable design. The Slim Jim Step-On Container holds up to 18 gallons of waste and is one of the easiest Slim Jim products to use. It includes a foot-operated pedal at the bottom of the receptacle that allows users to dispose of waste without touching the container. It also includes a slim design that can enhance small spaces and a quiet close lid that reduces noise.


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Slim Jim Recycling Station Kit

This kit is an all-in-one product for an eco-conscious workplace. It includes three separate bins that are intended to separate waste according to recyclability. Trash can be placed for compost, recycling, or landfill and each bin has visual cues to aid users. This design is easy for users to divide waste and increase office recycling efforts. This waste container is easy to assemble and a great addition to any office setting.


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