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Top 10 Office Supplies You Can Order Online

Online shopping has made stocking up on essential items way more convenient these days, for both personal use and for businesses. When it comes to bulk purchases, more companies now more than ever look to online vendors for their supplies. 


This list of top ten office supplies you can order online will give you an idea as to what you may want to budget for when it’s time to restock. It may not include everything your business needs, but it will definitely get your train of thought headed in the right direction.


10. Toilet Paper/Paper Towel Dispensers


Paper products are simultaneously the most overlooked and the most used items in any workplace. Between general hygiene, quick cleaning of spills, bathroom uses, and countless other functions, paper towels and toilet paper are an easy staple supply in any business. 


Having the proper tools to contain and distribute them is a fantastic way to keep things organized, as well. Toilet paper dispensers and paper towel dispensers may slip under the radar sometimes when it comes to a common office supply list, but keeping them on hand can make businesses run smoother and maintain their professional appearances.

9. Tape Dispenser


Another contender for an often overlooked office staple, tape dispensers are an essential supply to keep in the office. With so many uses and the fact that tape will inevitably be used in the office, keeping a decent amount of tape dispensers around can only help keep things running smoothly, without the need for multiple people to end up having to share.

8. Scouring Stick


Any business, be they administrative, restaurant, or anything else, will inevitably produce tough to clean stains and grime that’ll take more than a rag to take on. In situations like this, a scouring stick is the answer.


You want your custodial staff to be as well equipped to keep the office as clean as possible. With that in mind, having scouring sticks as a part of your regular cleaning supply list is the best way to make sure they are prepared to handle anything that daily office life can throw at them.

7. Janitor Cart


Messes and spills can happen anywhere in an office building. If you want them taken care of in a timely manner, the best way to accomplish that is by helping them be as prompt in response as possible. You also want them to be able to easily bring as much of their supplies with them to a mess as they can so they can best deal with it. Both of these needs are filled with the addition of a janitor cart


If your business is one that has multiple people working the same janitorial shifts, then investing in multiple ones of these can only increase your custodial productivity. Equip your entire staff with janitor carts and keep your office as clean as it can be.

6. Folding Cart


Janitors aren’t the only parts of a staff that may need to carry a large amount of supplies from one part of your building to another. That’s why folding carts are a functional alternative that can serve the same purpose, all while being collapsable and storable when they’re not in use. Folding carts are a smart way to ease the stress of a highly active office on your employees.

5. Chair Mat


Many don’t consider chair mats to be an essential of their business when they start out. However, be it due to office chairs roughing up their hardwood floors, getting caught on rugs, or messing up carpets, they quickly become an investment for savvy professionals. 


The combination of keeping the floor beneath them protected from abrasion by constant rolling, and helping the chair itself maneuver more easily, chair mats are a no-brainer when it comes to what to invest your money in for the sake of your business, and your employees.

4. Cleaning Tools


No one in their right mind who buys supplies for a business would ever skimp out on budgeting for cleaning tools. The fact that so many of these supplies can be purchased online is a great benefit for offices today. There was a time that if something couldn’t be ordered directly from a supplier, or bought from an in-person store, then it would be completely unavailable for purchase.


However, now with so many online vendors, essential cleaning tools can not only be bought and shipped quickly, but they can be purchased in bulk to avoid constant resupplying orders.

3. Hand Trucks


Similar to folding carts, only a bit bulkier and capable of carrying more weight, hand trucks are required for any business that deals with frequent large deliveries. Keeping a decent amount of them on hand so that this aspect of the business runs smoothly is a factor that you may want to keep in mind when managing your own budget for supplies.


2. Restroom Cleaners


Maybe an obvious thing to keep in mind when buying supplies for your business, but that doesn’t make it any less important. Staying fully stocked with restroom cleaning supplies is an essential factor in keeping up a healthy, hygenic, and professional office space. 


Making sure your custodial staff never has to worry about running out of restroom cleaner is the best way to ensure long term sanitization, and being able to buy all of it online makes this step practically effortless.


1. Toilet Seat Covers

No matter how clean a bathroom looks or is, there will inevitably be people who demand toilet seat covers be available in their restrooms. Beyond this, it does keep the toilets cleaner for longer when used properly. Ultimately, having the option for your office to use these is a net benefit that will keep your employees happy, and your restrooms more sanitized for longer periods of time.

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