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4 Benefits of Rubbermaid Trash Cans

Waste is an element of any office setting or work environment. We all have to dispose of trash so it is important to have a sturdy and reliable trash container nearby. Rubbermaid manufactures quality trash containers to fit all your needs. Learn how these products can benefit you.



  1. Size

Rubbermaid trash containers are built to hold a hefty amount of waste. These trash containers come in a variety of sizes spanning from 7-gallon to 44-gallon. The ideal size for any office setting is the 8 gallon trash can. The Rubbermaid 8-gallon trash can can easily be stored near or underneath a desk for easy waste disposal. It is easy to find a Rubbermaid trash container to fit your needs (and trash).


  1. Venting

The Rubbermaid 8 gallon trash containers are designed to make trash disposable easy and quick. Each Rubbermaid trash container’s design includes a feature that allows ventilation. This ventilation makes it so easy to remove a liner from the container without resistance. 


  1. Ease of Use

Along with the convenience of size and ventilation, the design of Rubbermaid trash containers is equipped with other beneficial features. The Rubbermaid trash containers have easy-grip handles that make transportation easier than ever. Easily lift and move the 8-gallon Rubbermaid trash container around the office or work environment without worry of slipping.


  1. Style

The Rubbermaid 8-gallon trash container is a sleek design and has a simple style that will fit any environment. It is constructed of all plastic, meaning it is more durable and resistant to chipping, fading, denting, and rusting than other trash cans. The all-plastic construction is easy to clean and is guaranteed to last a while.


Explore Rubbermaid 8-gallon Trash Containers and other janitorial supplies today.

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