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Blog posts of '2022' 'September'

Hurricane Supply List
Hurricane’s are dangerous natural disasters, but with a bit of planning, you and your family can be prepared to face the storm. Use this hurricane supply list and strategy guide to help you gather and prepare the supplies you need in the event of a hurricane. It will cover basic hurricane supplies, as well as some items you may not have expected to need.
Where to Order Food Containers
Our mission is to help your small business save big in all areas! Your small business and restaurant matters to us, and we are here to help save you money when you order your daily essentials and most trusted products.
What is a Wholesaler?
A wholesaler is a company that earns money by buying large quantities of goods then selling in bulk to smaller businesses. A wholesaler acts as a middleman in the supply chain. Wholesalers can sell their products for lower prices because buying in bulk reduces the time it takes to get products and the cost of production.
Texas Resource Shortage: How You Can Prepare
Certain areas of Texas are experiencing a threat of drought. Meaning, the access to clean drinking water, and water in general, has changed. Certain cities, including Austin, Texas, are asking citizens to use less water and cut back on non-essential usages. During times like these, it is important for residents to have a well stocked supply of clean water.
Bulk Washing and Cleaning Supplies
Are you needing bulk supplies that help you wash clothes, clean dishes, or sanitize your office space? Elevate Marketplace is here to help you stock up on your cleaning supplies at a cost effective rate.