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Food Truck Supplies
Starting a food truck is an exciting and rewarding experience. However, before you begin, you need to make sure you have everything you need to start and stay running. You might think you know all of the necessary supplies for running a food truck, but even the most careful of planners occasionally forgets key items.
Essential Catering Supplies
The food service industry takes many different forms. From managing a high-end restaurant to running a buffet, from preparing food specifically to be delivered to operating a food truck, having the right equipment and supplies on hand is important. This is especially true for catering businesses.
Debunking Common Myths About Bottled Water

There is much speculation about how harmful plastic is to the environment and to us. One of the most common products brought up in this discussion is plastic water bottles. Many prefer to drink plastic water bottles due to the convenience they offer. Today we will be discussing and debunking common myths about plastic water bottles.


Plastic Water Bottles Give You Cancer


There are many speculations about the harmful effects of plastic water bottles. The most popular misconception is that plastic water bottles can give you cancer. When plastic bottles experience temperature changes, some believe toxins leak into the water  . While this theory is often circulated, no strong scientific evidence supports these claims.


Bottled Water is Tap Water


If a bottle label claims purified water, it is nothing less than that. Water goes through many different tests and treatments when at a water plant. These processes include ozonation, reverse osmosis, distillation, and deionization. The water industry must gain approval from the FDA before releasing a product for sale to the public. Otherwise, they must disclose the source of the water on the label. Thus, if a label claims to contain purified water, then you can rest assured that it is.


Bottled Water is Unethically Sourced


Another common myth about bottled water is the source of the water. A popular myth is that bottled water sources water from areas where water is not accessible. The fact of the matter is that over 90% of water used in these products comes from a local source. Meaning, no water is being stolen from less fortunate countries.


Bottled Water Cannot Be Safely Stored


The FDA does not require an expiration date on bottled water. Some companies still choose to include an expiration date on bottled water products. The idea that water can “expire” tends to scare the public. The truth is, bottled water does not go bad as time passes. Many companies provide a date to identify the batch of water or to ensure water is the highest quality. It is a fact that what cannot expire, but, if bottles contain BPA, it can begin to leak into the water over time. When looking for water to store, it is good to find BPA-free water bottles. However, in the event of a crisis, it is better to have expired water than no water at all.


There is no good evidence to support the claim that bottled water is harmful to drink. However, when deciding whether to drink bottled water it depends on personal preference. Bottled water is a good resource to have during emergencies, such as a water crisis or power outage. Shop bulk water today!



Preparing Your Workplace For Winter
It’s that time of year again. The days are shortening, temperatures are dropping, and snow is knocking at the door in many parts of the country. While many employees are now working from home, others must still find their way into the workplace this winter season. In this blog post, we’ll share steps you can take to ensure your workplace is safe from the hazards of winter weather at your workplace. Whether your employees are working from home, in the office, or on the road, taking these safety precautions this winter will prevent some hazards from catching you off-guard.
Where can I buy wholesale craft supplies?
Whether you are a wholesaler in need of buying craft supplies in bulk or a school teacher who is stocking up for the upcoming semester, Elevate Marketplace offers quality craft supplies and all for a price that you can’t beat.
Where to buy office supplies in bulk?
When buying office supplies in bulk, shopping wholesale is the most innovative option to get more bang for your buck. We live in a world where bulk shopping is easier thanks to the internet and a few clicks of a button. Elevate Marketplace is your one-stop shop for instant volume savings with features like quantity discounts and case packs on your go-to products for office, breakroom, janitorial supplies, and more.
Hurricane Supply List
Hurricane’s are dangerous natural disasters, but with a bit of planning, you and your family can be prepared to face the storm. Use this hurricane supply list and strategy guide to help you gather and prepare the supplies you need in the event of a hurricane. It will cover basic hurricane supplies, as well as some items you may not have expected to need.
Where to Order Food Containers
Our mission is to help your small business save big in all areas! Your small business and restaurant matters to us, and we are here to help save you money when you order your daily essentials and most trusted products.
What is a Wholesaler?
A wholesaler is a company that earns money by buying large quantities of goods then selling in bulk to smaller businesses. A wholesaler acts as a middleman in the supply chain. Wholesalers can sell their products for lower prices because buying in bulk reduces the time it takes to get products and the cost of production.
Texas Resource Shortage: How You Can Prepare
Certain areas of Texas are experiencing a threat of drought. Meaning, the access to clean drinking water, and water in general, has changed. Certain cities, including Austin, Texas, are asking citizens to use less water and cut back on non-essential usages. During times like these, it is important for residents to have a well stocked supply of clean water.