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HEPA Air Purifiers

What is an HEPA Air Purifier?

HEPA stands for “high-efficiency particulate absorbing” or “high-efficiency particulate arrestance.” This is an efficiency standard for air filters. This means air purifiers in this category must meet set levels of efficiency concerning filtration of particles, including moisture, bacteria, dirt, dust and pollen. 

How does a HEPA Air Purifier work?

To be considered a HEPA-grade air purifier, these filters must remove at least 99.95% of qualifying particles from air that is filtered through the device. Most filters are made up of a mat of interwoven fibers that are arranged randomly in efforts to catch both large and small particles.  

Where can I buy air purifiers?

Elevate Marketplace offers our customers affordable access to air purifiers to help them ensure that their home or business is a safe, healthy environment for the people that matter the most to them.


LuxDisinfectant Air Purifier

The LuxDisinfect Air Purifier Ultra is the perfect solution for creating a healthy and safe environment. Capable of filtering out PM2.5 particles and with a 99.99% disinfection efficiency, the LuxDisinfect Air Purifier is your first line of defense against Covid-19.

The purifier has multiple layers of defense, including a pre-filter, a medical grade HEPA 13 filter, Carbon filter, and UV light, so you can rest assured that your air will be clean and pure.

Lux Air brings you a unique multi-layer air protection in durable, high-quality air purifiers.

HEPA13 Air Filters capture 99.95% of particles 0.1 microns or larger, smaller than the 0.12 micron Covid-19 virus. 

A 254 nm UVC lamp disinfects the air as it passes through the system, as well as the filter itself.

  • Dual fans with HEPA13 filter with carbon integration and pre-filter to capture airborne pathogens, mold, pollution, and other particles.
  • Two 254 nm 8w UVC bulbs for 99.99% disinfection efficiency.
  • PM2.5 air monitoring system and filter replacement reminder.
  • Remote control included. (batteries sold separately – requires 2 AAA batteries)


LuxDisinfect Air Purifier Mini

With a 99.99% disinfection efficiency, the LuxDisinfect Air Purifier Mini is your first line of defense against Covid-19 and airborne disease.

Medical grade HEPA13 filters and UVC lamps, coupled with a powerful motor driving two fans, empower this device to fight against airborne pollution and disease.

LuxAir brings you a unique four-layer air protection in durable, high-quality air purifiers. With a 99.99% disinfection efficiency, the LuxDisinfect Air Purifier Mini is your first line of defense against Covid-19.

Medical grade HEPA13 filters and UVC lamps, coupled with a powerful motor driving two fans, empower this device to fight against airborne pollution and disease.

HEPA Air Filters, when in combination with a powerful fan and motor inside an air purifier, can produce amazing clean air delivery rates which is important in removing mass quantities of dust, pollen and smoke from your indoor air.

  • Desktop stand or wall mountable.

  • LED accent light.

  • UVC and HEPA technology with 99.99% disinfection efficiency.

  • PM2.5 air monitoring system.

  • Remote control included.
    (batteries sold separately – requires 2 AAA batteries)

Restaurants and other venues can implement a $1 surcharge for the service. Customers can know that they are dining in a safe environment when one of these air purifiers is around.



Janitorial Supplies: Essential Commercial Cleaning Equipment for Your Business


Custodians perform routine maintenance and cleaning services that keep establishments up and running. The janitorial industry generates nearly $61.4 billion in revenue with the vast majority of custodians working in commercial establishments such as office buildings, medical clinics, hotels, retail stores, and apartment buildings. 


Without proper sanitation and cleaning, it’s easy to imagine how businesses would quickly become littered with trash, dirt, and bacteria. Trash bins would be overrun with week-old lunches. Dust bunnies would multiply in the halls. Toilets would become ringed with unidentifiable filth. It wouldn’t take long for customers, employees and other key players to take notice. 


People associate cleanliness with professionalism. If a business can’t keep its own buildings clean, how could a client trust them to get the job done right? Why would an employee want to work for a business that doesn’t appear to care about its corporate image?


Commercial Cleaning Industry and COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic highlighted the crucial role that janitors play in creating not only clean, but also healthy work environments. As Corporate America took on the unprecedented challenges that March 2020 introduced, custodians across the country rallied to slow the spread of COVID-19, one routine cleaning at a time. Many worked overtime, prepping classrooms for students to arrive safely the next morning or sanitizing workstations so that other essential workers could help keep the economy afloat while the world scrambled.


Even before the pandemic, the commercial cleaning industry boasted a higher prediction for industry growth, but the spike in demand that resulted from the pandemic looks to have created an even brighter future for janitorial professionals.  for these services is exp. According to ZipRecruiter, job posting  for cleaners increased 75 percent in March 2020.


Sanitation and cleaning standards have clearly shifted over the course of the past year. In order to keep up with growing industry and customer expectations, it is important that your business has the right janitorial and commercial cleaning supplies to keep your commercial buildings up to par.  





What supplies does a janitor need?

Well-equipped janitors are set up for success, so whether you’re a professional cleaning business or a corporation with an internal custodial staff, it is important that you supply them with the tools they need.


The most essential janitorial supplies for commercial cleaning and maintenance include:


  • Trash bags and trash can liners

  • Floor and carpet cleaning supplies

  • Restroom cleaners and accessories

  • Cleaning tools and janitor carts

  • Commercial waste receptacles

  • Cleaning and sanitation products

  • Paper towels, tissues, and toilet paper


Where can I buy janitor supplies online?

ELEVATE Marketplace offers the most popular brands of janitorial supplies and other commercial cleaning solutions at the most competitive pricing. From paper products and toilet tissues to cleaning detergents and janitor carts, we promise our customers a simple shopping experience that makes stocking your business with the custodial necessities you need to keep your employees and customers happy, safe, and coming back!

Check out our latest selection of janitorial essentials:

Trash bags and trash can liners

Whether you’re looking for drawstring solutions for easy cleanup or industrial, heavy-duty bags, ELEVATE Marketplace offers trash bags and trash can liners in bulk, so you’re always stocked for the work week ahead.

Floor and carpet care cleaning supplies

Even in the most professional settings, spills and messes are bound to happen. ELEVATE Marketplace offers a wide variety of floor and carpet cleaning supplies. From angled brooms and sponge mops to carpet sweepers, we’ve have you covered.

Restroom cleaners and accessories

One of the most obvious places to attack when keeping cleanliness in mind for your business is the restroom. Our selection of restroom cleaners and accessories includes toilet and urinal deodorizers, toilet paper dispensers, and toilet seat cover dispensers.

Cleaning tools and janitor carts

Having the appropriate tools and compartments in which to carry them is essential for staying organized. We offer mop buckets and wringers, caddy bags, cleaning brushes, cleaning pads, dust mops, dusters, dust pans, waxing floor machines, empty spray bottles, extension poles and floor pads.



Custodians play an essential role in ensuring that your facilities create a clean and health environment for every person who steps foot inside your business. But without the proper tools, you are setting them and your business up for failure. ELEVATE Marketplace offers wholesale, bulk buying options for janitorial equipment and janitorial supplies so that your and your custodial staff are ready to take on any mess that comes your way.

Why Your Business Should Be Using Urinal Cakes




If you frequent men’s restrooms, you’ve probably noticed that urinals often feature a brightly colored, hockey-puck-like object encased in a screen placed over the drain. What is it? What purpose does it serve?

This guide will give you insight into the mystery of the urinal cake and offer product solutions for your business available at Elevate Marketplace. 


What is a urinal cake?

Urinal cakes, or urinal deodorizer blocks, aren’t just random restroom decor. These contraptions provide odor-blocking and disinfecting power to keep your corporate restroom fresh and clean. Despite what the name implies, these cakes are not edible and best left alone so they can continue to do their business while you take care of yours. 


History of the urinal cake

While the true inventor of the first urinal cake is unknown, the first patented version of the product was produced by George A. Sleight in 1922, though previous versions existed. 

One particularly interesting urban legend pins Benjamin Franklin as the originator of the urinal cake. One evening while hosting several iconic figures from U.S. history, he baked an assortment of cakes or cookies and placed them in the outhouse for his colleagues to enjoy. John Hancock allegedly dropped the desserts down the hole, and Mr. Franklin noticed that it helped to mask the unpleasant odor. While this tale is most likely false, it’s worth sharing.

The original versions of the products used mothballs to combat unfortunate restroom odors, but this proved to be toxic to humans. Manufacturers went on to use para-dichlorobenzene, which is also a known carcinogen and is prohibited in some areas. Elevate Marketplace offers non-para urinal cakes as a safe alternative. 


How do urinal cakes work? 

Restrooms and unpleasant odors go hand-in-hand. Whether you run a small business, own a restaurant or bar, oversee a large corporation, or manage a service station, a lot of people will be visiting your restrooms. Customers tend to associate cleanliness with the quality of services that an establishment provides. In addition, employee morale is greatly influenced by corporate image. This means it’s extremely important that you maintain clean facilities.

Urine does not typically have a strong odor, but according to UnityPoint Health, consuming certain foods like asparagus, onions, fish and garlic can make it take on an odd smell. Certain medications, vitamins and medical conditions can also cause this effect. Further, the amount of ammonia in urine can also contribute to unpleasant odors. While urine always contains a level of ammonia, if someone is more dehydrated, the chemical will be more concentrated, and the smell will be significantly stronger. 

This is where urinal cakes come into play. If left unattended, bacteria can begin to eat away at urine’s other chemical components, like urea and uric acid, leading to an even higher concentration of ammonia and stinky urinals. 

Urinal cakes use strong smelling molecules to combat the unfortunate odors that accompany public restrooms. These water-soluble blocks deodorize and clean the urinals by interfering with the bacteria that cause the heavier ammonia concentration.

Urinal cakes are disposable and should be replaced every 30 days.


What is a urinal screen? 

Urinal screens serve as either a urinal cake alternative or accomplice. These vinyl screens can be used in any type of urinal and help to eliminate odors while preventing clogging. Some urinal cakes come encased in urinal screens, but the screens can also be purchased as a standalone defense. 

Like urinal cakes, urinal screens temporarily deodorize and clean the urinal and should be replaced every 30 days. Routine replacement is necessary for effectiveness.


Urinal cakes wholesale at Elevate Marketplace

Elevate Marketplace offers a wide variety of restroom cleaners and accessories, including toilet and urinal deodorizers, to keep your business’ facilities functional and fresh. 

We have the following urinal cakes and urinal screens available for purchase:


Cherry Scented Urinal Cake and Screen – 12 Count



Product Highlights

  • Water soluble block

  • Cleans and deodorizes

  • Splash resistant

  • Non-staining; will not change color of water

  • Designed for use in dry urinals -- not for standing water urinals

  • Sold by the dozen

  • Scent: Cherry




Urinal Cake with Screen – 12 Count


Product Highlights

  • Flexible screen traps debris, protecting the urinal from unnecessary damage. 

  • Attached enzyme block cleans and deodorizes as you flush. 

  • Screen and block combo fights uric acid odors. 

  • Lasts up to 30 days. 

  • Sold by the dozen

  • Scent: Evergreen




Dyna-Screen Urinal Screen with Block, White, Camphor Scent, 6/Carton


Product Highlights 

  • Air soluble urinal screen with a block

  • Unaffected by water

  • Evaporates to permeate unpleasant smells with a fresh scent

  • Long-lasting freshness lasts for 75-90 days

  • Non-para formula meets industry standards

  • Scent: Camphor


Drop-In Tank Non-Para Cleaner Block, 24/Box


Product Highlights

  • Dissolves as it cleans the bowl and blues the water. 

  • Cleaning block deodorants are water activated, counteract odors, and fight bacteria growth. 

  • Contain no parachlorides. 

  • Lasts for 1500 flushes.

  • Scent: Unscented



Blue Urinal Screen


Product Highlights

  • Vinyl screen can be used in any type of urinal

  • Odor control lasts up to 30 days

  • Flexible to fit all urinals

  • Non-toxic

  • Sold by the dozen

  • Scent: Mint



Urinal Cake and Screen, Fresh Products, 12 EACH  


Product Highlights

  • Freshens and cleans the urinal for up to 1,500 flushes.

  • Deodorizes, cleans and prevents scale buildup.

  • Enzymes continuously eliminate odors and maintain drain lines.

  • Flexible screen traps debris. 


Cherry Scented Urinal Cake – 12 Pack


Product Highlights

  • Freshens and cleans the urinal for up to 1,000 flushes. 

  • Block comes wrapped in water soluble film, no need to unwrap. 

  • Each flush contains powerful surfactants and chelating agents to eliminate odors at their source. 

  • You know it's working when you see the water turn blue.

  • Scent: Cherry


Red Urinal Screen


Product Highlights

  • Vinyl screen can be used in any type of urinal.

  • Odor control lasts up to 30 days.

  • Flexible to fit all urinals.

  • Non-toxic.

  • Sold by the dozen


Urinal cakes are small products that pack a big cleaning punch. Don’t let your business’ restroom become plagued with unpleasant odors. Purchase urinal cakes and other bathroom cleaning products at discount prices from Elevate Marketplace today!





COVID-19’s Impact on the Restaurant Industry


A woman wearing a mask flips the closed sign after her restaurant was forced to close due to the pandemic. 

How investing in the right commercial cleaning supplies could save your establishment in a post-pandemic world

Of all the industries that suffered due to the unprecedented circumstances of 2020, perhaps the restaurant industry was the most obviously affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. People hunkered down in their homes as news of the national health emergency was plastered across media platforms. As concerns grew, city and statewide orders forced dining rooms and bars to close.

Within recent months, many surviving restaurants and bars have been able to reopen their doors to the public. Having the right restaurant cleaning supplies stocked is now more crucial than ever. 

Just how severely did the pandemic impact the restaurant industry?

The National Restaurant Association’s 2021 State of the Restaurant Industry report displayed the undeniable impact of COVID-19 on the restaurant industry. 


  • Total restaurant industry sales for 2020 were $240 billion below the Association’s pre-pandemic forecast for the year

  • By December 2020, more than 110,000 eating and drinking establishments were closed for business temporarily, or for good.

  • At the peak of initial restaurant closures, the National Restaurant Association estimates that up to 8 million employees were laid off or furloughed.


Two men wearing masks and aprons clean glasses and mugs at their cafe.


How COVID-19 Changed Consumer Expectations

These devastating statistics prove that it’s important that restaurants take intentional measures to set themselves up for success as we approach the end of the first quarter of 2021. In the same way that the pandemic changed the restaurant industry, it also changed consumer expectations concerning.

As people begin braving in-house dining experiences, it’s likely that they will hold restaurants to a much higher standard when it comes to cleaning and sanitation practices. Many consumers will undoubtedly make restaurant decisions with a food-safety-first mentality. With crowd-review platforms such as Yelp boasting 73 million unique monthly users on their mobile app, all it takes is a few negative reviews to ruin your restaurant’s reputation for the masses.


A woman wearing a mask and apron holds a tablet used for taking customer orders at the restaurant where she works.


The  Centers for Disease Control’s Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting Public Spaces recommends that one of the most important preventative measures for preventing the spread of COVID-19 is the routine cleaning and disinfecting of commonly touched surfaces. 

Commonly touched surfaces include:

  • tables

  • doorknobs

  • light switches

  • countertops

  • handles

  • desks

  • phones

  • keyboards

  • toilets

  • faucets and sinks

  • gas pump handles

  • touch screens

  • ATM machines

  • Point-of-sale keypads


This means that investing in commercial cleaning supplies that are designed to fight bacteria and germs that tend to plague the surfaces in your restaurant should be a top priority. Failure to do so could lead to the spread of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), as well as other harmful bacteria and viruses. This could lead to staff shortages and threaten customer retention.



Four women wearing masks sit outside at a restaurant. A waiter is bringing them their drink orders. 


Your customers value safety and sanitation now more than ever before. Maintaining routine, effective  The problem is that it can be time consuming and expensive to maintain frequent, high-level restaurant sanitation practices.

Your customers deserve a safe restaurant experience that will keep them coming back.

You deserve a safe and affordable solution.


Rest Assured All-in-One Commercial Cleaning Bundle: Clean, Disinfect, Protect

Elevate Marketplace has your all-in-one solution to keep your staff and customers protected. 

Our goal is to help you deliver a safe and healthy experience for yourself, your employees and your customers. To do so, we’ve customized a collection of high quality restaurant sanitizer and cleaning products and bundled them to provide you one convenient, affordable solution. 

By purchasing these products together, you are guaranteed $220 in savings!



Rest Assured is a safe and affordable curated bundle of products that offers your restaurant 360-degree coverage to kill and prevent the spread of harmful viruses, germs and bacteria for 90-day protection. These commercial cleaning supplies offer first-of-its-kind extended protection. 

The Rest Assured Bundle includes:

Informational Materials

  • Introduction Guide

  • Video links

  • 2 Rest Assured window clings

  • 5 Rest Assured table tents

Treatment Applications

  • Bioprotect RTU (Ready-To-Use) – 1 Gallon

  • SmartTouch® Disinfectant RTU (Ready-To-Use) – 1 Gallon

  • Portable Handheld Electrostatic Sprayer


Personal Protective Equipment

  • Safety Glasses

  • Mask

  • Nitrile Gloves

  • Hand Sanitizer

  • Sanitizing Wipes

This bundle of sanitizers and disinfectants provides the highest level of hospital-grade solutions for disease control and prevention. Read more about the products that make up the bundle:



BIOPROTECT™ contains water-soluble ingredients to create a durable and protective shield on surfaces for up to 90 days of protection from the spread of harmful odor and stain causing bacteria, germs and viruses.

When applied to a surface or incorporated into a material, BIOPROTECT™ forms a covalent bond to create a microbiostatic, antimicrobial coating. This coating forms a layer of “spikes” that carry a positive charge. This attracts the negatively-charged bacteria. These spikes pierce the cell, rupturing the cell membrane and ultimately killing the bacteria. 


SmartTouch® Disinfectant

SmartTouch® Disinfectant is ready to use for residential, commercial and healthcare applications. When applied correctly, it begins to kill on contact and fully disinfects surfaces in as little as 10 minutes.

Not only does SmartTouch® Disinfectant kills 99.999% of harmful bacteria as well as other viruses.

In addition, this hospital-grade disinfectant meets OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen standards for HIV-1, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C. 

As a NSF-registered D2 sanitizer on food contact surfaces, it is proven effective on 38 individual microorganisms including MRSA, legionella, bordetella, listeria, salmonella, influenza and rabies.


Electrostatic Sprayer

This all-in-one sanitizing solution is not only effective, but it’s also efficient. The portable handheld electrostatic sprayer allows full coverage with less material, allowing more efficient disinfection at a lower cost.



While you are taking extra measures to protect your staff and customers, the Rest Assured personal protective equipment (PPE) kit offers you the supplies you need to clean and work confidently. 

These kits provide two layers of protection from harmful exposure. Each kit is packaged in an easy-tear, resealable pouch. Each product is sealed individually for additional protection. 

For safe disposal, used PPE can simply be resealed into the package and thrown away to prevent further contamination.

The kit also includes one 3-ply disposable mask, one pair of nitrile powder-free gloves, two pouches of gel hand sanitizer, and two packs of disinfectant alcohol wipes.


A woman wearing a mask flips her restaurant's sign from the "Closed" side to the "Open" side.



Getting back into the swing of running a fully-functioning dining establishment can be overwhelming when so much has changed for the restaurant industry. While you can’t control how the pandemic impacted your business over the course of the past year, you can take intentional steps towards meeting new cleaning and sanitation standards to set yourself up for future success. 

Give yourself, your staff, and your customers the peace of mind that so many are craving following a season plagued by uncertainty. Invest in restaurant cleaning supplies that you can trust to get the job done right. With the Rest Assured Bundle, you are guaranteed an all-in-one, affordable cleaning solution that is as efficient as it is effective. 

You can purchase the Rest Assured All-in-One Bundle for your restaurant directly from Elevate Marketplace.


BUY NOW FOR $379.99





Where to buy water: Preparing for Unexpected Emergencies

One of the most essential resources to have on hand is safe drinking water, but in the case of an emergency, what happens when you can’t trust the water that comes out of your faucet? What if your home or business’ pipes freeze? Being able to buy water in bulk becomes necessary for the health of you and those you care about. 


Extreme Weather in 2021 Leaves 15.3 Million Americans Without Water For Days

When you add the recent impacts from Hurricane Ida across Louisiana, Tennessee, New Jersey and New York to the Texas winter storm in March, the total tally of people who lost access to healthy, drinkable water so far this year due to extreme weather is over 15.3 million people.


With no signs of weather patterns slowing down, Americans are triple checking their level of preparedness. 


How long can you go without water?

Don't try this at home, but experts say the human body can survive about 2 to 4 days without water. Stay hydrated and keep water supplies stocked at all times so you never have to answer this question yourself.


According to Harvard University’s School of Public Health, not only is drinking enough water each day necessary for organ function and survival, but it also helps to maintain body temperature, prevent infections, deliver nutrients to cells, and even improves sleep, mental processes, and mood.


Needless to say, clean water is essential for your health and well-being. It’s better to be overly prepared than unprepared. Winter storms are not the only disasters to be considered. Tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, wildfires, public health emergencies and others could pose significant threats to people’s ability to access clean water.


How much water should you drink each day to survive?

Because the CDC recommends 1 gallon of water per day per person, every American should be storing between 3-14 gallons of water for emergencies. 


To plan ahead, a family of four should plan to have between 12 gallons of water (3 day supply) and 56 gallons of water (2 weeks supply) available for emergencies. With an Elevate Marketplace membership, you can save over 20% when you order water online.


If you are planning for a large family or providing water for a group, community or team, the numbers can add up unless you order bulk water with extra member savings in the Elevate Marketplace.


Where can you buy pallets of water?

We sell wholesale water bottles in bulk that can be delivered right to your door. We sell clean drinking water in bottles or gallons and ship it by cases, cartons, or pallets of water.


How many cases are in each pallet? It depends on which product you buy, but the pallets usually range from 48 to 84 cases per pallet of water. Some cases are packaged with bottles, and others with gallons of water.


You can save money by buying bulk pallets of water bottles instead of paying high retail prices at the local store near you. Here are some of our popular bulk water products we have available for delivery now:


Crystal Geyser® Alpine Spring® Water in Bulk

This natural spring water is only bottled at the water's source, ensuring freshness, quality and taste. While most bottled waters are purified tap water, highly processed and flavored with added minerals, Crystal Geyser® Alpine Spring® Water is never compromised. Available for bulk delivery in the following sizes and quantities:


Crystal Geyser® Alpine Spring Water, 16.9 oz Bottle, 24/Case, 84 Cases/Pallet



Crystal Geyser® Alpine Spring® Water, 1 Gal Bottle, 6/Case, 48 Cases/Pallet


Alpine Spring Water, 1 Gal Bottle, 6/Case




Alpine Spring Water, 16.9 oz Bottle, 24/Case




Crystal Geyser® Alpine Spring Water, 16.9 oz Bottle, 35/Case


Pure Life Purified Water in Bulk

Embrace the Pure Life.™ Crisp, clean and refreshing Pure Life water goes through a multi-step purification process that includes reverse osmosis and distillation. It is then enhanced with a unique blend of minerals for a balanced flavor. Available in the following size:


Pure Life, Purified Water, 16.9 oz Bottle, 24/Carton, 78 Cartons/Pallet




Distilled Water in Bulk

An excellent way to hydrate, distilled water replenishes your body with unaltered, trace-element-free H2O. A unique, 13-step distillation process ensures the most pure, most refreshing water possible. Soft and mineral-free. Available in the following sizes and quantities:

Distilled Water in bulk, 1gal, 6/Carton or Distilled Water in Bulk, 1 gal, 210/Pallet



Bottled Natural Spring Water, .5L, Bottles, 24/Carton




 Propel Flavored Water in Bulk

Propel gives you vitamins C, E and B and antioxidants. The only water with enough Electrolytes to put back what you lose in sweat. Available in the following size and quantity:


Flavored Water, Lemon, Bottle, 500mL, 24/Carton


Perrier Sparkling Water in Bulk

With no calories, caffeine or carbs, this crisp, natural, sparkling mineral water will quench your thirst without weighing you down. Available in the following size and quantity:


Sparkling Natural Mineral Water, 8 oz Can, 10/Pack, 3 Pack/Carton



How to remove pet odor and stains from your veterinary practice

Veterinary clinics see furry, feathered, and scaled patients across a wide variety of species and breeds. But with diverse animal clientele comes unpleasant smells. Nervous patients may have accidents on the waiting room floor. Kennels housing pups overnight reek of pet dander. The stench of male cat spray pollutes the air in examination rooms.


It’s a smelly business.


Rest Assured Pet Odor Eliminator


What do your customers think of how your office smells?

Pet owners love their animals and want to know that the clinics they visit can provide their animals with the highest standard of care. The problem is that people associate smell with cleanliness. If your vet clinic stinks, clients may not trust that your clinic is a clean and safe environment for their pets. 


Here are the best products to help you remove pet stains and pet odors

  1. Rest Assured is a safe and affordable curated bundle of products that offers your veterinary clinic 360-degree coverage to eliminate and prevent unpleasant odors and stains caused by mold and mildew. The Rest Assured Bundle includes:
    • BIOPROTECT™ RTU is a patented, water-based, antimicrobial technology that provides persistent and continuous protection of a surface for up to 90 days. It is a preservative antimicrobial coating that can be applied to both porous and non-porous surfaces to inhibit the growth of odor-causing, and stain-causing bacteria, mold, mildew, fungi, and algae.
    • Handheld Electrostatic Sprayer
    • Application / PPE Kit
    • BONUS: 6-hour Hand Sanitizer Protectant
  2. Clorox Disinfecting Bio Stain & Odor Remover Clorox® disinfecting bio stain & odor remover is perfect for disinfecting and removing the toughest odors and stains in one step. 
    • Application: Hotels; Offices; Restaurants; Restrooms; Schools; Veterinary Clinics;
    • Applicable Material: Acrylic; Carpet; Ceramic Tile; Chrome; Curtains; Fabric; Floors; Glass; Granite; Grout; Hardwood; Laminate; Linoleum; PVC; Plastic; Polycarbonate; Polypropylene; Porcelain; Sinks; Stainless Steel; Tile; Toilets; Upholstery; Vinyl; Wood;
    • Dirt Types: Blood; Body Oils; Urine; Vomit.
    • Chemical Compound: Hydrogen Peroxide; Isopropyl alcohol; Sodium Lauryl Sulfate;
  3. Baking Soda is a proven time-tested way to reduce odors. Versatile use for cleaning. Designed to help control odors.
  4. Carpet & Room Allergen Reducer and Odor Eliminator Unique powdered formula eliminates odors at the source and reduces the level of allergens in carpeting. Baking soda goes deep into carpets to eliminate odors, while allergen reducer breaks the static charge that binds allergens to carpet fibers; allergens are released and easily vacuumed up. Scent: Light Scent; Physical Form: Powder; Application: Carpet; Rugs; Capacity (Weight): 42.6 oz.

  5. Resolve Urine Destroyer Contains bio-based odor neutralization ingredient to destroy odors on contact. Helps prevent remarking. Permanently eliminates stains and odors. Great for pet and people accidents. Safe for carpets, area rugs, upholstery and hard floors (vinyl, ceramic & sealed hardwood floors). Application: Carpet/Upholstery Cleaner; Applicable Material: Carpet; Fabric; Floors; Chemical Compound: Hydrogen Peroxide; Sodium Lauryl Sulfate; Dirt Types: Coffee Stains; Food Stains; Grease; Urine.


Hopefully, this will help you improve your customer's experience by protecting your office from the offensive pet odors and stains our furry friends continue to share with us all.

How to Keep Your Small Business Supplied Through COVID-19

COVID-19 forced 95 percent of the U.S. economy into shutdown earlier this year, spurring the largest unemployment rate (14.7%) in post-World War II history. Bleak, though it may seem, the fallout would be far worse if not for essential businesses that risked their safety to keep the midnight oil burning. Economists believe that the US could recover faster than expected from the “unprecedented magnitude of the decline in employment and production”—but it won’t be easy. To ensure that top-line growth is profitable, small business leaders will need to expand supplier relations and lower acquisition costs while protecting the health of their employees. Here’s how to stay safe and well-stocked through COVID-19:


Mitigate Exposure to COVID-19

Your greatest asset is (and always has been) your workforce. With a potential second wave of COVID cases on the horizon, stocking up at Sam’s Club is out of the question. Last-minute store runs are like a crutch supporting inefficient procurement processes. What’s worse, they can unnecessarily expose your entire workforce to COVID-19. Instead of depending on physical vendors (who undoubtedly have stock issues of their own), small businesses should turn to digital storefronts that provide a broader range of products, better stock predictability, and contactless delivery.


Build Supplier Partnerships to Skirt Inevitable Shortages

The global pandemic triggered end-to-end supply chain disruptions, which means shortages upstream and downstream are imminent. Even large competitive suppliers are not impervious to the effects of COVID-19. Rather than assume that your go-to supplier can fill orders on time, build a network of back-up tier-one and tier-two suppliers. A broad, multi-tier network will ensure flexibility by providing plenty of options and stimulate competition in the market by holding tier-one suppliers to higher performance standards. Furthermore, look for suppliers that offer services to help protect your employees and your bottom line, such as an online shopping portal or accurate product forecasting. 




Update Procurement Processes With Advanced Technology

With over half of a product’s final sticker price coming from the supply chain (i.e., manufacturing, packaging, transportation, warehousing, and distribution), small businesses that depend on price shopping alone to cut costs are missing massive savings opportunities that will be pivotal to their survival in the months to come. However, developing a strong multi-tier network of suppliers and identifying cost-savings opportunities further upstream will be difficult, time-consuming, and virtually impossible without advanced procurement technologies that enhance agility, visibility, and decision-making capabilities.


Two Must-Have Procurement Technologies:


  1. ELEVATE is a free digital consulting tool that helps small businesses optimize their procurement processes by first understanding the business needs driving procurement decisions. Unlike any other tool in existence, ELEVATE analyzes your current procurement strategy and prioritizes the needs of the business before recommending suppliers and product solutions that align with business priorities and objectives.


2. Shopfront™ is an online procurement platform that provides small business owners with an expansive catalog of products that strategically align with their product needs and business objectives. Compare prices on thousands of products, make purchases without unnecessary exposure to COVID-19, order shipments of any size or quantity, and find local distributors across the US (including rural areas) to keep costs down.


On average, AFFLINK’s procurement solutions cut annual supply chain expenses by 30%.


More than a supplier, AFFLINK strives to be a trusted consultant for small businesses, which represent the backbone of our economy. As the U.S. market re-opens, we will continue to do everything in our power to keep our team and yours safe, stocked, and supported.


Ready to get proactive about your procurement process? Take this brief questionnaire to get started!

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