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Blog posts tagged with 'assisted living'

Entertaining Seniors in Your Assisted Living Community
Don't settle for just doing the same old things at your assisted living center. You can create a vibrant, active environment with activities that promote physical and mental stimulation.
How to Best Celebrate the Holidays for Seniors in Assisted Living
The holidays should be a time of joy and happiness for the whole family. Make sure to include seniors in assisted living in your plans, whether this means bringing them home or bringing the holidays to them.
9 Easy Snack Ideas for Healthy Seniors
Our appetite changes as we get older, so finding nutritional snacks that seniors enjoy can be a challenge. But healthy eating doesn't have to be boring. We offer 9 simple and enjoyable ideas that assisted living centers can add to their snack rotation.
How to Make Seniors Feel Comfortable in Assisted Living
Helping seniors feel more comfortable in assisted living facilities is key to their happiness and health. Find tips for helping them feel right at home.