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Blog posts of '2022' 'May'

Restaurant Essentials: The Most Important Products You'll Need
Opening a restaurant can be a fulfilling and rewarding endeavor for any aspiring chef or entrepreneur. But many people only consider the surface level expenses they undertake at the beginning, like ingredients, pots and pans, or plates. Luckily, when it comes to essential restaurant supplies, we’ve covered the things that slip the minds of even the most savvy of business owners. Here’s a handy list of things your restaurant will no doubt need.
Aluminum Foil Shortage
With supply chains being disrupted and the costs of everyday goods rising constantly, many common household products are becoming less and less available. This holds true for the current shortage of aluminum foil that business are facing.
Are Ebony Pencils Right for Your Business? Let's Find Out
Being familiar with as many tools as possible is something any business owner should, as having the right utensil for the job can make or break any project you find yourself working on. This holds true for even something like pencils. But which pencil is right for your business? Well, this blog will address whether or not the ebony pencil is the right tool for the job for you.
The Deal with 2B Pencils
Pencils are the kind of tool that most people hardly ever give much thought to in their daily lives. However, just because they’re taken for granted, it doesn’t mean that knowing about pencils can’t be useful when you’re in a line of work that requires a hefty amount of note taking and sketching. One of the kinds of pencils you should be in the know about is the 2B pencil.