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4 Benefits of Scotch Tape Guns

Sealing packages can be tedious and frustrating. It always seems that lots of small pieces of tape stick to everything but the intended package. Using a Scotch tape gun or dispenser can make this a far more enjoyable process. Utilize this list to discover how a Scotch tape gun can benefit you.


  1. Ease of Use

Using a Scotch Tape gun to distribute tape is so simple and easy. With only one hand, you can seal a package and secure closings in a matter of seconds. The ScotchTape guns come equipped with micro blades that make cutting tape easier than ever. It holds up to 60 yards of tape and is durable enough to withstand rough dealings.


  1. Efficiency

Scotch Tape guns can increase your packaging speed by double or more. Cutting tape by hand is so tedious and bothersome that most people tend to just give up. The Scotch tape gun solves this issue by making packaging easy. With this product, you can speed through higher volume packages and save time that could be otherwise used on more efficient projects.


  1. Reduced Waste

Using tape without a dispenser of some sort can be very frustrating. It can also be incredibly wasteful. Cutting tape by hand can result in tape folding over, sticking to other objects, and falling to the floor. This creates unnecessary waste that harms the environment and your wallet. Using a Scotch tape gun or dispenser can help to decrease the amount of waste created. The easy cut blade allows for tape to be cut from the dispenser while simultaneously sealing your package.


  1. Consistency

Scotch tape guns allow for users to tape a box perfectly, every time. Unlike taping by hand, Scotch tape guns apply tape in a straight and cohesive line that will ensure your package is safely secured. 


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