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5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Switch to Eco-Friendly Packaging

Many companies today are switching to green, sustainable operations—and it's easy to see why. When companies go green, it benefits all of us. Packaging is becoming a rising issue for many countries, with landfills now full of useless plastic that cannot be recycled. Eco-friendly packaging materials could be an excellent way for your company to display its green initiatives. Here are a few reasons why your company should consider a switch.

1. Packing materials make up a large amount of waste.

It's our planet. We all need to live on it. There's a crisis in many countries directly related to the amount of non-biodegradable packaging being used. Eco-friendly materials have no harmful plastics or styrofoam. They will safely and harmlessly biodegrade, rather than indefinitely filling up landfills. By using sustainable packaging materials, you can reduce your company's carbon footprint and consequently reduce your company's negative impact on the world. All companies need to work together in order to reduce waste and environmental harm. While individuals also need to take it upon themselves to recycle and be less wasteful, it's really companies that are going to have the largest and most significant impact.

2. Sustainable packaging will be easy to fit into your current operations.

Eco-friendly packaging is easy to adopt, and a change that can be used throughout your organization. It isn't just about purchasing packing materials that are degradable and sustainable: it's also about using less. Most businesses use a tremendous amount of packaging and shipping materials. Even just a small change could make a large difference over time.

3. Switching over your packing materials doesn't require an upfront investment.

Many green processes may require some investment, such as switching over to smarter HVAC systems, retrofitting the utilities at a business, or installing new appliances and equipment. Eco-friendly packaging doesn't require this type of upfront investment; they're materials that you're going to purchase anyway. You can shift over to eco-friendly materials slowly, and you don't need to change any of your business processes to take advantage of them. Because of this, eco-friendly packaging is one of the first steps that most businesses should take on their path to greener, more sustainable initiatives. Since it takes nothing from the business, even small and mid-sized businesses can implement an eco-friendly packaging initiative.

4. Visible, sustainable choices can improve your brand image and company identity.

Eco-friendly packaging materials are extremely visible. While your business may already be recycling and doing other things to contribute to environmental stewardship, these may not be visible changes i.e. you may not be seeing the benefits within your corporate reputation or responsibility. On the other hand, if you use visible, eco-friendly packaging, your customers and employees will be able to clearly see the change that you're making. Not only does that improve your brand image, but it's also inspirational. Employees within a company that has a strong company culture of sustainability will be more likely to promote your business themselves. They will take action to recycle or avoid additional waste at your company, which won't just save the environment—it can also save the company money in terms of unused or recycled supplies.

5. Today, customers are voting with their dollars.

Customers today are ethical and socially conscious, and many of them are looking to do business with companies that share their values. By having visible eco-friendly packaging options, these customers may be more likely to frequent your business. And by having non-eco-friendly, wasteful options, you could repel new customers from purchasing. Eco-friendly packaging materials are an excellent way to show your company's commitment to going green. Easy to implement, cost-effective, and responsible, packaging can help you save the environment without complicating your company's expenses or business processes. For more information about ways that you can optimize and improve your services and solutions, visit the ELEVATE Marketplace.

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