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Best Packing Tape for Shipping Needs

Whether you work in an office, own a small business, or love to send care packages, a durable tape is a vital part of your shipping process. There are many packaging tapes on the market, so it can be overwhelming to choose one that will give you peace of mind. Utilize this list to discover which packaging tape best suits your shipping needs.


Duck® HP260 Packaging Tape w/Dispenser

This high-performance packaging tape can meet the needs of all your shipping needs. It is a heavy-duty clear tape that is built to withstand a rough handling. It can be used for large package shipping or storage of long term items. With this tape, you can rest knowing your packages will be protected from outside elements.


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Scotch® Commercial Performance Packaging Tape

Scotch Commercial Performance Packaging tape is designed for commercial use, but is a fairly versatile product. It can secure packages up to 80lbs and includes hot-melt adhesive that seals out moisture, dirt, dust, and other exterior elements that harm your package. Its durable design is resistant to splitting and stretching, ensuring a protective closure. This tape is available in different colors and can be inserted into a dispenser to suit your shipping needs.


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Duck® Heavy-Duty Carton Packaging Tape

This heavy duty clear tape is a durable and resilient packaging option. Its crystal clear, glossy look makes it easy to seal packages without worrying about precision. Design includes acrylic adhesive that is resistant to UV in order to lower the risk of yellowing and other sun damage. If you are in need of a strong tape that can handle high temperatures, this is the perfect product. 


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Scotch® Tear-By-Hand Packaging Tape

This product is ideal for more compact moving and shipping needs. No dispenser or blade needed when using this tape. Its design allows for easy tearing, by hand, making this the perfect product for large orders. Similar to the Scotch Commercial Performance Packaging Tape, this product is equipped with a hot-melt adhesive. It is the perfect alternative for busy individuals as it requires less time and effort to use.


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