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Best Scotch Tape Products for Offices

Best Scotch Tape Products for Offices


We understand that tape is a very important resource in many offices. Whether it be for shipping, repairing, or labeling, tape is critical for a successful day at the office. Scotch Tape offers a variety of tape products for different uses. Utilize this list to find out the best tape for your office.


1. Scotch Tape Heavy Duty Packaging Tape

Need to ship a heavy package? Scotch Heavy Duty Packaging Tape can handle it. This tape is the ideal product for shipping needs because of its heavy duty build. Scotch Heavy Duty tape tightly seals your package and protects it from outside elements like dirt, dust, and water. It is designed to adhere to the toughest of boxes, ensuring your package can withstand a rough handling.


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2. Scotch Magic™ Tape

Scotch Magic Tape is a sturdy and clear tape that is perfect for daily office use. Due to its matte finish, it has an invisible appearance that can be utilized to mend paper, create labels, and repair items. It comes on a roll dispenser that cuts easily and is always ready for you to use. Scotch magic Tape refill rolls are available to save you money and resources.


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3. Scotch Removable Tape

Mistakes are no problem when it comes to Scotch Removable Tape. This product is similar to Scotch Magic Tape due to its durability and clear, matte finish. However, unlike the Magic Tape, this tape can be removed easily from any project. Misplace a piece of tape? No problem, Scotch Removable Tape can be easily repositioned or detached from paper. 


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4. Scotch Two-Roll Desktop Tape Dispenser

Tired of searching desk drawers and cabinets for tape? This Two-Roll Desktop Tape Dispenser can solve that problem. This product is built to hold a single 2” wide roll or two 1” wide rolls and easily cut tape one-handed. You never have to worry about searching for a roll of tape because this compact, weighted dispenser sits on top of your desk for ease of use.

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5. Scotch® H180 Box Sealing Pistol Grip Tape Dispenser

Scotch® H180 Box Sealing Pistol Grip Tape Dispenser allows users to secure packages in no time using only one hand. Design is built to hold up to 60 yards of tape and its adjustable mounted brake offers easy control.. Due to its plastic and metal build, there is no need to worry about this product breaking so feel free to use as much as needed. This tape dispenser can be used with products such as Scotch Heavy Duty Tape, Scotch Commercial Grade Packaging Tape, and Scotch Dry Erase Tape.


All the best scotch tape products are available when you order packaging supplies.


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