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Where can I buy wholesale craft supplies?

Whether you are a wholesaler in need of buying craft supplies in bulk or a school teacher who is stocking up for the upcoming semester, Elevate Marketplace offers quality craft supplies and all for a price that you can’t beat.

If you are a small business that stocks up on craft supplies, finding wholesale craft supplies for your new or established crafts businesses is one of the best ways to save on costs and increase your business's profits.

You can also use wholesale craft supplies to sell in bulk to other craft businesses, either the supplies themselves or any crafts you create.

How do I get wholesale prices?

Elevate Marketplace has everything you need for your supply chain at the most affordable rate. As a wholesale business, you will find a multitude of product options that are sure to fit your business's needs. 


Wholesale price is the price charged for a product as sold in bulk to large trade or distributor groups as opposed to what is charged to consumers. The wholesale price is the sum of a given product's cost price plus the manufacturer's profit margin.


The general rule of thumb is that a wholesale price should be 50% of the retail price to ensure that the seller can still make a healthy return on investment (ROI).


Here are a handful of bulk go-to craft supplies that you can find at a great wholesale price:

How can I save money on craft supplies?

Many think of crafting and DIY-ing as a money saving option, but the reality is that that’s just not always the case. Sometimes, these projects can actually be more expensive than just buying the finished product.


Here are a few ways to save money on craft supplies:

  • Wait for a sale

  • Join rewards programs and mailing lists to get the latest deals

  • Apply your regular store discounts to your final purchase 

  • Scout for reusable craft items

  • Yard sales, second hand shops, and dollar stores have endless cost-effective options

  • Take advantage of post-season sales

  • Stock up on items when you see them and shop in bulk 


These tips may seem like common sense, but they are often simple tips that get overlooked. Keep your crafting hobby thriving with these cost effective tips to help you find and stock up on your essential crafting items. 

Christmas Crafting

Whether you’re a teacher, crafting supplies small business owner, or a family who goes through a lot of crafting supplies - now is the time to stock up on your essentials. With the holiday season quickly approaching, it’s the perfect time to stock up on supplies for your classroom, business, or family to get you through this holiday season. 


Here are a few essentials that Elevate Marketplace can have delivered right to your front door:


Where can I buy cheap craft supplies online?

Wholesale websites are a great place to stock up on your craft supplies needs. Elevate Marketplace has a variety of trusted suppliers and a vast range of products to choose from. Many of these can be found by category to suit your business.


With a simplistic and user-friendly interface that provides quick access to an extensive range of categories, and exclusive deals on bulk supplies, Elevate Marketplace is ideal for traders and businesses looking to locate trusted wholesalers in the US. 


With ELEVATE Marketplace, you can place all of your bulk orders to keep your craft supplies business running smoothly. Besides product knowledge, ELEVATE Provides over 50,000 items at some of the best prices you'll find. 


Our unique process recommends everyday solutions that align with your goals and objectives. Needing to stock up on your favorite office supplies next? Visit our site today at to place your bulk orders today! 

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