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Why We Love Coffee: Celebrating National Coffee Day

When it comes to universally-beloved beverages, not many come close to matching the adoration that people bestow on coffee. From its earliest roots in the Arabian peninsula to its rise in popularity in America after the Boston Tea Party, coffee has played a pivotal role in shaping history, and it remains just as important today.

In honor of National Coffee Day, which falls on September 29, we’ve put together some interesting statistics that illustrate just how much Americans love their coffee—and for good reason. Coffee has been shown to have numerous positive benefits in regard to health, socialization, and productivity. Curious to see how? Grab another cup of your favorite beverage and peruse these numbers that show how coffee can improve our lives.

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The above benefits are all great reasons to celebrate National Coffee Day, but to make the day even better, many places are offering free or discounted cups of coffee. Whether you enjoy a latte at a coffee shop or brew a pod at work for an afternoon pick-me-up, cheers to better health and wellness with coffee.


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