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Why Writing Things Down Will Improve Your Productivity

Do you find yourself procrastinating throughout the day? Do you need an effective technique to increase productivity? And do you end each day feeling as though you could have done something more? Struggling with productivity isn't uncommon, but there could be a very simple solution. Studies show that the benefits of writing things down are endless.

Clear Your Mind and Focus

There are so many distractions today—it's a wonder that anyone gets anything done. Sitting down to write about the things you need to do will clear your mind and prepare yourself to take action. As you write, you'll think less about the unimportant things and concentrate more about your prioritized list of actionable to-do’s.

Start Processing the Things You Need to Do

Writing starts a different method of processing. When we just think about things, they may not feel as concrete. When we write about things, we translate those thoughts into a physical action. This helps our brains process the information more deeply. Over time, you may find that this is even more effective. The simple act of writing something can will reveal new ways of thinking and organizing your thoughts.

Taking Notes by Hand is Better Than Typing

Why not just open Notepad.exe on your computer and type some notes? Because the mechanical action of writing is still more effective. Have you ever wondered why note taking helped in class, even if you never read your notes again? It's because when you physically write something down, you remember it better. Writing something on paper means you've processed it multiple times, which means you have a higher likelihood of remembering it later.

Getting into the Habit of Writing Things Down

So now that you know the benefits of writing things down, how do you get started? Here’s a list of how you can leverage the act of writing and its benefits to increase productivity.

  • Invest in planners and journals. Begin by organizing your thoughts in different planners, calendars, and journals, and set up an area specifically for them.

  • Schedule time at the beginning of the day to prioritize. It takes one to two months to form a new habit, and you should start getting in the habit of organizing your thoughts every morning. Keep this on your calendar, and set an alarm if you have to!

  • Eliminate all distractions. When writing things down, make sure you’re focusing and in a space clear of distractions. You need some quiet time alone each morning to set your schedule and prioritize.

  • Track your progress. It's important to notice how different productivity techniques are actually impacting you. As you start writing things down, keep a journal to note how you feel every day, and whether you feel that you accomplished everything you planned to take care of.

  • Stay away from the computer. As mentioned, it's the physical and mechanical act of writing that helps you. Don't start taking notes on your computer or smartphone—it won't be nearly as effective.

  • Keep a notepad for on-the-go notes. A notepad will help you stay equipped to take notes and prioritize throughout your day, as well as jot down tasks that come up unexpectedly.

In addition to writing things down, it can help to have a generally more organized office and working space. Whether you're purchasing a timer for the "Pomodoro" method of productivity or you're buying your next journal, the ELEVATE Marketplace has the products you need to become a better, more efficient you.



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