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Why Your Office Needs Light Pink File Folders

Organization is an important aspect in an office space. With lots of paperwork and various documents, it is important to keep things separated and organized. Learn how light pink file folders can improve your office space.


  1. Two-Tone Color

Light pink file folders are double-sided. The interior is a pale pink color and the exterior is a darker shade of pink. The two-tone color aspect of these folders is so convenient since you can reverse the sides to get double the color options. This will make filing easier.

  1. Ease of Use

The design of light pink file folders is so simple and easy to use. Put all your important files and documents inside the folders to create an organized and easy-to-navigate filing system. Since the interior color is different from the exterior, the ⅓ inch tabs are easy to label and spot in a filing cabinet.

  1. Size

Light pink file folders are 9 ½ inches tall and have a width of 14 ⅝ inches. This size and design can fit any standard size documents and paperwork. The size of the folders allows them to fir comfortably in file cabinets and drawers. This size is ideal for any office setting.

  1. Protection

Easily keep files and documents protected from exterior elements with light pink file folders. There is no need to worry about spill or smudges when your documents are enclosed in light pink file folders. Purchase these folders in quantities of 100 to keep your paperwork organized and protected.


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